You are at this page because, you are a technical person. We are here to share our real time experience which we were faced while switching job or debugging a problem.

As we all know that in technical fields we always needs to be updated and ready for the next job, Sometimes we do for money, sometimes we change to learn new technology or sometimes someone (may be HR) forced us to change the job or change the area of working. Just because of these we are planing to share our all the real time faced interview question ask while in a java interview from the begin Software Engineer to experience level Sr. Software Engineer, Tech Lead, Project Lead, Architect etc.

Most of us from has appeared in most of the start-up organizations to fortune 500 companies interview, and currently also associated with well known organizations.

We are SUN/Oracle certified Java professionals.

You can also be a part of this, by sharing your interview experience with us or suggestions on questions posted here or may if you found better answer then posted here, we will post your interview questions on the web at

We also provide the dynamic solutions for run time problems.


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Best of luck for your next job.


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