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In this post, I am sharing the popular java features by their released versions. This will help you to revised the latest features of JDK by their version and started with latest released.

Java 8 Features

  1. Lambda Expressions
  2. Default Methods
  3. Type Annotations
  4. Streams
  5. Date Time API
  6. Nashhorn JavaScript Engine
  7. Performance Improvement for HashMaps with Key Collisions
  8. Removal of PermGen.
  9. TLS 1.2

Java 7 Features

  1. String in switch
  2. Try-with-resources statement
  3. Underscores in numeric literals
  4. Binary literals
  5. Multiple exception catching
  6. Improved Type Inference for Generic Instance Creation
  7. SafeVarargs
  8. NIO 2.0
Here is detail example of java 7 features.

Popular Java 6 Features

  1. JDBC 4.0
  2. Java Compiler API
  3. Kerberos and LDAP support.
  4. JAXB 2.0
  5. Common Annotations
  6. XML Binding

Java 5 Features

  1. Annotations
  2. Autoboxing/Unboxing
  3. Enhanced for Loop
  4. Generics
  5. Typesafe Enums
  6. Static Import
  7. Varargs
Most of the time interviewer, asked you to list the new features of JDK, the above points will help you to respond to the questions. You can find here real time java,j2ee interview questions with answer and top 10 jsp servlet interview questions.
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