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Well immutable is very popular in java, and of course one of the popular interview topic, In our previous post we have seen an example of How to create an immutable class. In interview sometimes interviewer also ask you to "Can you list down few immutable class in java api?" or What are the immutable classes you ever used from java classes, as we have already seen Why String is immutable now time to see some example of immutable classes in java api. And of course in this post we are going to list down few very popular immutable classes in java.

Example of immutable classes in java api

Below are the few very popular built in immutable classes.
  1. java.lang.String (Very popular:))
  2. java.lang.Double
  3. java.lang.Long
  4. java.lang.Float
  5. java.lang.Integer
  6. java.lang.Short
  7. java.lang.Byte
  8. java.lang.Boolean
  9. java.util.UUID
  10. java.lang.Character
  11. java.math.BigInteger
  12. java.util.Locale
  13. java.awt.Font
  14. java.net.URL

Friends, I have listed few popular immutable classes here, and if you used some other, than above list you can post that immutable class as in comment. I will add that to the list, So that, it will help someone.
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